Testimonial 1

This particular recommendation meant the world to me as my client, John Emerson, forwarded this piece of correspondence written by his wife Kimberly Emerson, to refer me to a celebrity in their circle of friends. The introduction to his email was, “Thought you’d like to see what Kimbo said about you in case she didn’t cc you,” which she hadn’t.I represented the Emersons as sellers of a large property in Encino, and as purchasers of their current Beverly Hills residence. The buyers of the Encino home later hired me to sell it having appreciated the quality of my representation of the Emersons (See Melissa Tufeld-Gerber and David Gerber letter below.)

I promised to connect you with by far the best realtor John and I have ever worked with – Andrea Korchek – as a strong candidate to help [celebrity name deleted] find a place to live.We know a lot of realtors, but Andrea just wowed us. She didn’t push, just kept bringing to our attention over a period of six months great properties in our price range. She was honest about what they offered and what they lacked, and had great insight about neighborhoods’ pros and cons. When we saw something we really liked, she was awesome about getting pertinent information.

Most importantly, we are in the midst of two escrows as I write – buying a new house and selling our house. Both are big transactions, complicated, with issues. Despite all of that, Andrea has guided the process beautifully. Not only is she a lawyer by training, but has fantastic EQ and can perfectly read when to push and when to pull back. On top of that, she has been really good at keeping us calm during what is a very stressful time.

Most telling, the powerful BH realtor handling the seller’s side of our new house wants to hire Andrea to come and work with her. Great compliment.

We aren’t done yet – both escrows close within the next three weeks – but the writing on the wall tells us that Andrea will continue to do a superlative job.

BTW, I told her I was recommending her to you, so please feel free to contact her directly if you are interested in meeting.

—Kimberly Marteau Emerson

Testimonial 2

Letter from Melissa Tufeld-Gerber and David Gerber. They were the purchasers of the Emerson’s Encino home.

To anyone and everyone, Andrea Korchek is the best realtor on the face of the planet.

In 2008 we bought a large, beautiful dream home in Encino. Andrea represented the sellers. She was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, enthusiastic, and a tough negotiator during our purchase. We were impressed. Unfortunately, in 2009, we needed to sell the home that we so loved. My husband and I both felt that Andrea was the perfect choice to help us sell the house in a horrible down market and during our own financial turmoil.

Not only did she know the house and the neighborhood well, she brought an energy, and a certain level of sophistication, elegance, and professionalism into the equation. Her attention to detail and her aesthetic sensibilities remain unmatched in our minds.

She was kind, empathetic, and always represented our best interests.

Our eventual buyer may not have come to the table with a solid offer without Andrea’s tactful pursuit. She was absolutely instrumental in making the deal happen and we’re grateful for both her efforts on our behalf and the results of those efforts.

We highly recommend Andrea Korchek. She’s a lovely person. The only bad part about having closed the deal is that I miss talking to her every day.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

—Melissa Gerber

Testimonial 3

Letter from Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Mitchell, who I represented in the sale of a large home in Woodland Hills and in the purchase of a large home in Sherman Oaks.

Dear Andrea, Thank you for helping us with both the sale and purchase of our homes last year! Your expertise accompanied by your calm, kind and intelligent manner guided us through this very emotional process. At times you acted as our financial advisor, psychologist, friend, and, of course, realtor. The best testament to your qualifications is exhibited by the fact that every realtor that we encountered ( and we met many) loves and respects you. Now, one year past our move we fondly recall the many times that you guided us through numerous stressful moments.

Andrea, thank you again for being the best realtor/friend ever.

—Shari & Jerry Mitchell

Testimonial 4

This letter is from Jill Higgins; I represented Jill and Jim Higgins in the sale of an important Toluca Lake property which closed in November, 2011. I have since represented the Higgins family in the purchase of a home in Lake Balboa, a condominium in Sherman Oaks, and an estate in the Pacific Palisades. Always a pleasure!

I met Andrea Korchek approximately a dozen years ago. When my husband and I were considering selling our home, she was the first person I thought of. I’ve always enjoyed Andrea, she’s fun and she’s got a very good reputation. As an advocate there is no one better. Her integrity always put our interest above her own. I – we – trust her completely.

A couple of times in the process of selling our home, I questioned whether or not we still wanted to sell. Andrea never missed a beat. She wanted us, above all, to be happy with whatever decision we made. This was never about her commission, but always about what we wanted. Not just her words, and she did assure me often when I worried I was wasting her time, but in her every action.

We highly recommend Andrea. Her integrity, her honesty and forthrightness, her competence, sense of humor, were definitely mandatory to a good experience, but the plus is that Andrea possesses a real insight into all the people around her – not just us, everyone involved, which is a real asset. I trust her completely and will be using Andrea to buy our next home.

I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t choose her!

We are available to answer any questions.

—Jill and James P. Higgins

Testimonial 5

Letter from Mark Genis, who I represented in selling his Studio City home, and purchasing his West Toluca Lake residence. Mark is the Vice President of Event Makers.

Dear Andrea, Although my letter is long overdue, I wanted to circle back to you and express how much I appreciated your representation with the sale of my Studio City home and the purchasing of my new home in Toluca Lake.

I’ve purchased many properties in the past and have contracted with several well-known agents. Until we met, I was convinced that no one agent could continue to provide what I call “par excellence service” on a continuous or long-term basis. I found that an agents loyalty was generally based upon the “what have you done for me lately?” approach.

I’m so happy to express in writing that not only have you continued to be there for me, you’ve been a great mentor for other agents, buyers and sellers. Endorsing you as an agent is easy and overdue. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with you is not only associating themselves with a wonderful agent – professional, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable about the market place – also with someone who believes in the “basics” paramount to grow any business – know your client and customer service.

As you continue to build on your clientele, please feel free to use me as I reference as I would be very inspired to communicate and endorse you. Without contemplation, your legacy in the Valley is not just the volume of work, but the long lasting relationships established you have established. You are a great agent, but more importantly, a remarkable person.

—Mark Genis

Testimonial 6

The following letter is from Rick Shoemaker whose family I represented last year in the sale of a Sherman Oaks home.

Through the years I have had the good fortune to buy and sell several properties throughout the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area. I have worked with numerous Realtors but I can honestly say Andrea Korchek is simply light years beyond the rest. As a former executive with Warner Bros. music, I’ve learned first hand what it takes to be a successful negotiator and to be a “deal closer” rather than a “deal breaker.”

Andrea is a closer! Her experience, knowledge of her profession and firm handle on the ever-changing Real Estate market rank her as “Simply The Best.” However, what truly separates Andrea from the pack is her unique ability to understand the complicated and personal needs of both buyer and seller. She closes the deal without compromising either. Having recently concluded two large transactions with Andrea, I remain most impressed and grateful for her attention to detail and overall expertise.

—Rick Shoemaker

Testimonial 7

This letter is from designer/builder Michael Walker, who I represented with his partners in the sale of a beautiful Encino property. The buyer, impressed with my representation, later hired me as their listing agent when they were ready to move on. I subsequently represented Michael Walker and his family in the purchase of their own residence.

Andrea, I can’t speak too strongly about how impressed and happy I have been working with Andrea and having her represent my projects. As a professional builder and developer, I have the benefit of having worked with many agents, brokers and agencies over the past 25 years, so to that extent, my opinion is somewhat educated. And Andrea stands out…way out… from those I have come across.

Andrea is a rare talent. She brings intelligence, charm, competence and resourcefulness to her work. Her “we can get this done” attitude is real and legitimate. Andrea brings her knowledge and vast experience. Her guidance and advice have proven to be invaluable and I say that with sincerity. Andrea knows what she is doing. She’s a total pro. She’s never flustered or without a good idea and a way to handle things. And her ideas are smart and logical. She knows how to get results.

Representing a house for sale is much, much more than just putting an ad in the paper and smiling when clients come to look. It’s the thousands of subtle and even not clearly noticeable things that need to be done by the agent to get the property sold and to assure that the transaction goes smoothly during and after the sale. Over and over again I would see Andrea resolving, almost magically, some issue that could easily have been the undoing of the sale had it been mishandled.

I am a big fan of Andrea and think myself to be lucky to have a professional relationship with her.

—Michael Walker

Testimonial 8

This is a thank-you letter from Dr. Joseph Yuhan and his wife who I represented in the sale of their Tarzana property.

Dear Andrea,

We want to sincerely thank you for all your hard work and your prudent advice from beginning to end. Thanks to the overwhelming recommendation from a friend, we decided to interview you and almost immediately after, list our home with you. Although we were recovering from a failed escrow with another agent and battling an incredibly tough market, you never seemed worried, even though we felt tense until the last moment.

We remember in the beginning when you assured us that WE would be making all the decisions in selling our home and NOT YOU, as our agent. In previous experiences selling/buying, we had felt almost powerless under the pressure of other agents or the market. Finally, we felt supported and empowered. We believe that with you we were able to give our house the best chance possible to look its best. Everything from the breathtaking color photos of our home, to the delicious fresh baked goodies at the open houses, to your warm and personal approach, made our house stand out. We hope that all our future experiences buying/selling call all be this positive.

The only sad part, aside from saying goodbye to our home, will be saying goodbye to an incredible realtor and friend.

—Joseph and Halle Yuhan

Testimonial 9

The following letter is from Carolynn Schoenhaus who I represented in the sale of a home located in Encino’s Amestoy Estates.

The best and the brightest: Andrea has all the wonderful attributes a seller or buyer is looking for in their agent. She quietly handles everything in a competent, smooth, positive and uplifting manner. She is a hard worker…but makes it all look effortless. She is very smart with a keen insight…but not at all pushy. She is gentle but strong and she is way beyond capable. She is a buyer and seller’s dream agent. I trusted her judgment and recommendations completely…and I loved working with her. I will recommend her to all my friends and family…they would never find anyone better…she truly is the best!

—Carolynn Schoenhaus

Testimonial 10

This letter is from Arlene Spiegelman who I represented in the sale of her Encino property. I later represented Arlene in the sale of an estate in Calabasas.

I am so grateful to have Andrea Korchek as my broker/agent for the past 7 years. She was there for me when I needed to find a house to purchase and I had very little time to do so. She is always professional, objective and more importantly, extremely attentive to my needs as a homeowner. Her personality and style when dealing with other agents, sellers and buyers is unsurpassed and no detail or administrative service is ever overlooked! Andrea has helped me buy and sell my home and I will be forever in debt to have had such a wonderful experience in doing so because she made the whole journey from open houses to signing paperwork effortless!

—Arlene Spiegelman

Testimonial 11

I represented the Shayfer family in the sale of their Encino estate.

It has been a pleasure to work with an agent as professional, intelligent and warm as Andrea Korchek. My husband and I felt her support of our home and our family from the rst interview. She is honest and positive which make a lovely mix while in the emotional trench of selling your home. Andrea is truly a rare gem among her colleagues and a gift to any home seller.

—Melissa Shayfer

Testimonial 12

I represented the Sands in the sale of their Encino estate. As he says, they were picky, but wonderful too!

I understand that you are considering listing with Andrea. I can wholeheartedly recommend her. She sold our house for us!

We are very picky sellers. We only allowed broker’s open houses, and asked for qualied potential buyers. Andrea did not send assistants to either showings, or broker’s opens. She worked each and every one, and kept us informed of good as well as not-so-good news.

During negotiations, inspections, etc, she was very calming, and gave us great advice. She really cared, and most important, was honest and forthcoming.

We interviewed all of the top agents in the area, and we are happy that we selected Andrea.

— Rick Sands

Testimonial 13

I represented Eileen in the sale of her Sherman Oaks estate.

Andrea is the greatest – her energy and her knowledge made it easy to trust her with my greatest asset. I cannot thank her enough!

— Eileen Singer

Testimonial 14

I represented Carin and Paul in the sale of their lovely country cottage in Sherman Oaks.

My wife and I have had the great pleasure of having our home listed and sold through Andrea Korchek.

If Andrea is someone you’re considering to list your home or represent you on a purchase or maybe both, I would suggest looking no further.

I work in the real estate investment industry and know well the tremendous difference an agent can make. Andrea knows her business and markets and the needs of her clients. She is conscientious, caring and brings tremendous energy, diligence and conviction rarely found.

— Paul & Carin Pfeifle

Testimonial 15

I represented the Kosoys in the sale of their magnificent Encino view home.

After a thorough investigation of the leading real estate agents in our area, we chose Andrea Korchek to sell out home. We have been amazed at the amount of work that Andrea has, and is continuing to do on our behalf.

She has done a phenomenal job, anticipating our needs and exceeding our expectations. We would recommend her without reservation to anyone considering a Real Estate Broker.

— Marie-Paule & Stewart Kosoy

Testimonial 16

I represented these wonderful clients in the sale of their former residences in Sherman Oaks and Tarzana, and in the purchase of a residence in the Hollywood Hills. I also have their amazing Encino property available for short-term lease.

Working with Andrea was a personal and professional pleasure. Her presentation of our property in listing and showing was instrumental to our sale at the price we wanted.

— Sean Oded, Daphna Oded-Thal&Eliaho Weingarten

Testimonial 17

Always obsessed with their home, I knocked on the Raubers door and sold their home to clients who are thrilled to have benefited from this off-market opportunity on gorgeous Stansbury in Sherman Oaks.

I met Andrea when she represented the buyer of my own home in Sherman Oaks. I represented myself and my wife Karen, so we were in constant communication with her throughout the entire transaction. I found Andrea to be bright, professional, and a very good negotiator. She has an innate sense of when to push, and when to pull back. We were very impressed with the strong representation of her clients’ interests, and how she always delivered their wishes with respect and integrity, keeping the negotiations pleasant, even when he stakes were high and the parties differed in their perspectives.

My wife and I have told Andrea that we think she’s the best out there, and that is a sincere sentiment. We strongly recommend her, and know that you will be surprised that the level of service she provides.

— Stefan Rauber

Testimonial 18

I represented Howard in the sale of his former Encino residence.

Andrea Korchek represented the sale of my property at 16560 Adlon Road, Encino. I interviewed several agents, and made the right choice in selecting Andrea Korchek. Andrea was enthusiastic and detailed throughout the listing process, from preparing the property for sale, with a beautiful a color brochure and marketing ideas.

Also, Andrea personally managed every aspect of the listing process, from staging the property thru open house and the offers, as well as, managing the all the details to nal closing, and most important, always negotiating with my best interest rst.

Andrea was able to maximize the property value through sound recommendations and follow-through. Both her marketing, and strategies sound and bold, and she was always available. I would highly recommend Andrea Korchek without hesitation. If you have any questions, I am available to discuss.

— Howard Rose

Testimonial 19

I represented the Monarchs in the purchase of their first condominium! They love home ownership!

Andrea not only found us the perfect home, she guided us through every step of our rst home-buying experience. From advising on offers, to helping us through inspections, she was so patient with all of our questions and worked with the seller’s agent to protect us and make sure we were taken care of. I couldn’t recommend her more!

— Lyndie Monarch

Testimonial 20

Communicative, classy, and clever, Andrea is more than a devoted agent, we would call her a trusted advisor. When we had doubts, she didn’t, explaining issues and developments in a way first-time homebuyers could understand. And her fearless mix of well-timed optimism and market knowledge helped us never lose sight of our final goal: finding an amazing home for our family.

— Jeff Monarch

Testimonial 21

I represented the seller of Shayna’s home in Sherman Oaks when she purchased it, and impressed with my representation of “the other side”, she hired me when she moved on.

Andrea was great to work with. Patient, knowledgeable about the market, and a great problem solver. She was able to cater to my unique asks and get our deal done smoothly and quickly! I’d de nitely recommend her to my friends and family in the future!

— Shyana Smith

Testimonial 22

Jes says it all! She is so happy in her adorable new home in Studio City.

As I sit to write a few words about my experience with Andrea I have to say I get a little misty eyed and emotional because I truly have to say she changed my life.

When I rst met Andrea to discuss the sale of my home in Fryman canyon (just 4 short months ago) I was in a very fragile place?in my life. Without getting too personal, let’s just say, my relationship was ending which was the main cause of selling our home we had together… Which is never the most fun selling situation. Andrea stood out when we took meetings immediately. Not only is her portfolio extremely impressive, she had a softness and a personal understanding of how hard the experience was going to be for?us, and it truly felt like her main goal was to alleviate any pain or pressure that we may be feeling while listing with her. I cannot say?this enough, but, boy oh boy did she deliver!! It certainly was no easy feat as she had to not only juggle the decisions in staging and marketing and showing the property, but she was also juggling two completely different sellers perspectives! She handled everything with grace and dignity and I truly believe that she is one of the classiest, most passionate, most caring business women I have ever met.

We had our home in escrow within the rst few open houses because of her personal time and effort and extreme attention to detail. Throughout the entire escrow process Andrea put out so many res and saved the day so many times I cannot even begin to list speci c circumstances! We closed with our original offer and could not have felt more taken care of.

That being said, I then found myself without a home to call my own and a LOT of anxiety to quickly get into a new place of zen and tranquility. So, I literally sold AND purchased with Andrea within months of one another! As far as house hunting and the buying process with her, it was equally (if not more) pleasant. The market had spiked and properties had dozens of offers on them in the?rst week of listing so it was beyond competitive… because of Andrea I was able to not get discouraged and keep positive. She got emotional with me when we nally walked into the home that we both knew was the perfect t for me, and she worked her tail off to make it happen for me.

If you want a plug and chug or a generalized non-detail oriented home sale or purchase experience, there are thousands of agents out there to chose from. If you want someone who is a customer service driven, attention to detail, perfectionist, with a heart of gold who will do everything in her power to make people’s dreams come true… Andrea is your woman…. Not even a question.

Thank you for changing my life and making my dreams come true sweet Andrea. I can never thank you enough.

— JesMacallan

Testimonial 23

I represented the Workmans in the sale of their Woodland Hills home. We sold the first week after it had been on the market with another agent at the same price. Doug is now my estate attorney!

Andrea is like a ray of sunshine. Negativity is simply not in her vocabulary. She has an innate ability to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Her boundless energy, positivity, and passion is infectious, making even the most tedious and stressful situations tolerable and almost fun! Between her artistic and creative abilities, keen intellect, and ability to focus on all the speci c details, she is light years above other brokers, who simply pale in comparison.

— Brenda Workman

Testimonial 25

We had listed our home for one year and had lowered the price to the absolute lowest we could afford to sell. We then changed brokers and listed with Andrea; we received a full priced offer within 4 days of our listing coming out. Andrea then made sure that the sale closed everything and kept us as happy campers!!!!!!

—Douglas Workman

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